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Miami is renowned for its stunning beaches, international finance, and non-stop nightlife. People from all over the world are choosing Miami as the ultimate destination in which to live in terms of culture, industry, and entertainment. The city has been labeled as the Wall Street of the South for its business and commerce reach into Latin America, the Caribbean, South America, and beyond. Miami is a major center and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. fDi Intelligence, of the Financial Times, ranked Miami #9 as “American Cities of the Future” among other leading North American cities. Miami’s ranking is due to its large number of foreign direct investment projects that have occurred in the city over the past few years. This will undoubtedly continue to increase. Miami also ranked very highly in the following areas within the analysis: #2 in Business Friendliness,  #3 in Foreign Direct Investment Strategy, and #10 in Infrastructure. Since 2001, Miami has been undergoing a large building boom with more than 50 skyscrapers rising over 400 feet built or currently under construction in the city. Miami’s skyline is ranked third most impressive in the U.S. and gives any building a sight that’s well worth their money from any window. Miami is the perfect spot to mix business and pleasure, creating the most  pleasurable business experience. It is one of the top cities to capitalize in and its booming economy guarantees investors a profitable investment with the numerous amounts of commercial real estate properties available.